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Dear friends, family, and supporters,


We hope this message finds you well. With this mssage, we invite you to join us as we break ground and prepare for the production of Salsa, un tumbao’ caribeño (Salsa, a Caribbean Swing) a feature-length documentary about salsa music and its roots in New York City.


Our Project:

Salsa, un tumbao’ caribeño narrates the history of Afro-Caribbean music, specifically salsa, in New York City. From the heart of Caribbean barrios to the streets of NY, Salsa focuses on the themes of migration, Black and Brown solidarity, immigration, and collective memory among others. One of the documentary’s main premises is to show how salsa not only became a successful "commercial" genre; but, also a global cultural movement -- one of humanity’s greatest expressions of intangible heritage.


Afro-Caribbean music and specifically, salsa, represent the realities, struggles, and dreams of multiple generations. Salsa never disappeared from the international spotlight and its popularity continues to grow through today. To know and tell this history we will interview a variety of emblematic musicians, percussionists, artists, and other figures in the world of salsa music. Help us to show the world a piece of salsa’s history, music, and spirit by contributing to this campaign today.


Our Mission:

We are committed to storytelling rooted in Black and Brown communities in the Americas and beyond. We believe that culture (film, music, multimedia, and more) are vehicles for societal transformation and provide people with the opportunity to share our histories on our own terms. 



Our Team:

We have put together an internationally based and diverse team with experience in film, television, radio, and other multimedia platforms. Our work collectively spans several decades with award-winning film, music, and multimedia projects. We are certain that this team possesses the skills and determination to produce this timely homage to salsa's music and history.



Thank You!

This documentary is only possible with your support. Your help will turn our vision into a feature-length film. Keep up to date on all of our socials and website for information about our project's development as well as post-production, film festivals, and screenings in the future. This is an exciting time and we’re moved that you have joined us.

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